Why Everyone With Backpain Should Use This New Seat Cushion!

image May 1st, 2024 by Mike H.

Hi! I'm Mike. Here's how this NEW seat cushion helped me reduce lower back pain, within days. I want to share my story because I know it will resonate with you… Just read it all the way to the end…


I'm a husband and a father of two; when I'm not busy being any of these, I'm an accountant.

But this isn't a story about my family or workplace; it's about how I went from being unable to lift my children or sit down for too long to raising both children simultaneously and sitting at my desk as long as needed.

What was the problem? You might have guessed it, especially if you work in an office: BACKPAIN, specifically herniated disc.

Let me tell you how it started…

I used to be an ordinary guy working the daily grind in an office with about 40 other colleagues. Like many, I spent long hours at my desk and gradually started experiencing lower back pain.

I brushed it off for a while, but soon it became relentless, affecting my work and overall well-being. And it wasn't affecting my physical shape, but my morale.

I was always grumpy, underperforming at work, and not a fun person to be around. Everyone noticed this, even my children and my wife.

The diagnosis came as a shock - I had a herniated disc. The pain was no longer just in my lower back; it had started radiating down my legs. Poor posture, aggravated by prolonged sitting and lack of exercise, had taken its toll on my body.

I knew I had to do something about it, but my busy schedule made it challenging. With a one-hour commute each way and two young kids to care for, finding time for regular workouts and stretches seemed impossible.

My chronic pain took a toll on my productivity and my morale. Going to work became a daily struggle, and my coworkers couldn't help but notice the change in my mood.

imageDuring this difficult period, my chiropractor and physiotherapist suggested a potential solution they had come across on a forum…

It was a specialized orthopedic seat cushion called Klaudena. They explained how it could help those with back pain due to prolonged sitting and poor posture.

I was skeptical but desperate for relief, especially when I learned that Klaudena offered a discount, reducing the regular price of CA$80.00. It felt like a small investment for a chance at relief from my constant discomfort.

The day the Klaudena cushion arrived was a turning point for me. As I placed it on my office chair and sat down, I could immediately feel a difference. The premium memory foam conformed to my body's shape, providing desperately needed support.


*results may vary

The cushion's ergonomic design encouraged me to sit more upright, something I had struggled with for years due to my poor posture. The persistent pain in my lower back began to ease.

In the following weeks, I noticed gradual but significant improvements.

  • - The numbness that used to creep into my thighs after prolonged sitting started disappearing.
  • - The stiffness and pain in my lower back and buttocks were no longer as bothersome.

It felt like a new lease on life.

Curious about how this cushion worked, I delved into clinical studies and doctor testimonials. The Klaudena Memory Foam Seat Cushion was designed to adapt to my body's unique shape and curves. Using my body heat, it molded itself to me, helping correct my posture and relieve pain as I sat more comfortably. It also improved blood flow to my legs and buttocks, reducing muscle fatigue, leg tightness, and hamstring pain.


This cushion had the potential to help with various conditions, including herniated discs,sciatica, tailbone (coccyx) pain, and overall posture improvement. It transformed any seat, whether in the office, during my commute, or even at home, into a supportive and pain-relieving chair.

See what experts say

The positive changes in my life were undeniable. My productivity started to soar, and my coworkers noticed the shift in my mood. More than 40% of them also began using Klaudena, including my boss.

My results were so remarkable that I ordered two more cushions—one for my car and one for my wife, Marta, battling her pain issues. She had been suffering from sciatic nerve pain, and I couldn't bear to see her in discomfort any longer.

Marta was more than happy about the cushion, and it didn't take long for her to appreciate its benefits. Our daily lives were improving steadily. We could sit comfortably in our office chairs, drive without wincing in pain, and relax on the couch without worrying about poor posture.


Best part? I can easily hug and lift both of my children at once, which is the best feeling in the world!

If you're suffering from back pain, even from a mild one, don't wait another moment. Don't wait because it's not worth it.

Back pain will not only take over your life and affect you but will directly affect your relationships with your loved ones, work performance, and overall well-being…


The Klaudena Memory Foam Seat Cushion has become integral to our lives and will forever be.

It's currently available at a discounted price of CA$40.00 (while the sale lasts), but I would have paid hundreds for it. Moreover, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there's no risk involved.

Get your Klaudena seat cushion before it's too late. Do it for you and your loved ones! They deserve the best version of you!


Update: Due to the high demand, the stock threatens to be empty soon. With the current supply situation, it is unclear how quickly supplies will arrive again. Thus, extended waiting times may occur if you do not grab quickly. Take advantage of the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
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"I have one of these for my work and home computer chair. My tail bone was starting to become sore from sitting so long. I bought one of these for work and received one as a gift for my computer chair at home. I'm a big time PC gamer, so I sit a lot at home. My tail bone doesn't get as sore as much. I'm 6'5" 250lbs and this works great for my size."

Craig T.
"I have almost constant back pain and was forced to move back east. I read reviews and opted to pay the extra based on reviews- it literally saved my back (my pain is in my low back). It’s so comfortable you can use on any chair and turn it into something back friendly and comfy. If you drive a lot and have low back pain this will help."

Mark F.
"I had so much pain in my tail-bone, it's excruciating. This is absolutely a lifesaver! Within 1 week of using the cushion, my tailbone pain was almost gone. I can now sit for many hours without problems."

Lena P.

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